Thursday, May 16, 2013

Remembering the Singapore McDonald's Hello Kitty Craze 2010

I remember the Hello Kitty craze in Singapore which took place in year 2000. Back then, McDonald's launched a series of Hello Kitty and Daniel plush toys, decked out in various costumes. Each pair of toys came with an Extra Value Meal at Macs.

One of the pairs had Kitty and Daniel dressed in astronaut outfits, complete with head gear, shiny suits and all.

Hello Kitty Plush Toys. Photo from

These Hello Kitty plush toys became wildly popular. Singaporeans queued overnight outside Macs to get their hands on these toys. Boyfriends (and wannabes) took leave to queue to make their girlfriends happy. There was total chaos as glass doors were shattered and people got injured. Some simply got their domestic helpers to queue, or bought them off eBay at severely hiked up prices. Not to mention the food wastage as most of the EVMs went into the trash can directly.

I didn't know Singaporeans loved Hello Kitty so much.

Fast forward 13 years, and I've begun to understand why the craze happened. It was not about Hello Kitty. It was about the action of queueing. If others are willing to queue for something, that thing must be good! From doughnuts to coffee buns to mobile phones to Uniqlo to H&M, and most recently, dim sum, Singaporeans buy into fads super willingly. Krispy Kremes is coming to Sunny Singapore and I can feel the storm brewing already :o

Anyways. I still like Hello Kitty a lot, queue or not. (it rhymes!) Here's a set of rubber stamps I made, with the iconic Hello Kitty bows. They are on sale at my Etsy shop, LoufoosRubberStamps. No need to queue.

Hello Kitty Jellybeans from Hongkong in the background

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